Sunday, March 10, 2019

Beyond the Walls

Lately, (UNTIL TODAY!!) with the light in the evenings still not lasting very long I have continued to use the weekends to get the girls out, away from the ring.  I did consider riding in the morning before work but after paying close attention to the light while I am at the gym in the early morning, that's not really going to get me any extra daylight right now.

Now, I am NOT complaining.  It has been 55 in the evenings and I have been riding around in a t-shirt or hoodie.  Our ring is obviously has lights and I can work on the flat, or I can set fences and/or ground rails up.  So there is NO complaining going on at all here!  I absolutely love living here and I couldn't be happier about the move.  Just ask any of my friends I Marco Polo regularly.  "*SIGH* I just love this place" is a regular phrase.

But, I am a person that does NOT like staying in the ring for a week at a time either.  Horses have to get out.  So the weekends have been dedicated to adventuring in some form.  If we're not just hacking out around the neighborhood we are hauling locally.  I have taken both the girls to Lone Mountain Park, they have both went to the state park down the road, and hacked through the neighborhood.

Lone Mountain with Super B.

Getting a bath after we got home and letting everyone know they can bend the knee, and kiss the hoof. 

 Heading down the road to the state park.

Hill work at the state park.

Heading back from the state park.

Enjoying a perfect evening after a bath and an adventure.

Klein mare at Lone Mountain. 

We've been having a blast exploring all the new places around here.  These are just a few and there are so many more!

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