Thursday, April 19, 2018


We had a couple days of decent weather so I took advantage of that by giving everyone a bath and getting Klein and Wes' clips started.  I clip them in increments as it warms up.  Mochs has had an Irish clip for a while and when it gets warm enough I will take the rest of her hair off too, unless it sheds out first.  Normally they would all already be fully clipped, but since Spring is taking the slow boat from China this year, we're a little behind schedule on the Spring clean up.

Relaxing after a bath.

Mochs coming to keep him company, and check to make sure he wasn't getting any treats that she wasn't of course.

 She has to hang out in her stall for a bit and start drying before I trust her to go back out.  She'll ruin all my hard work in about 15 seconds if I let her. If she was the size of Mochs it wouldn't be so bad, or if she wasn't a grey.

The Handsome looking as handsome as ever!

Drying in the breeze, and yes, still picking up branches from the storms we have had.

Watching over his girls.

I am really happy with what I see under Wes' yak coat again this year.  It looks like he is in for another shiny, dappley summer coat with good weight on him still.  

On nice evenings like this I like to just put a chair out in the pasture and sit there and watch them, while enjoying an adult beverage or three.  This little six acres is my sanctuary.  There really isn't any other place I'd rather be than home on a gorgeous evening with my babies.  I prefer to just be left alone most times anyway so it is nice to just sit there on a perfect, warm, breezy, evening, and not be bothered by anything or anyone.  Soon enough The Other Half will be here with us and life will be complete again.

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