Monday, April 9, 2018

Mochi Update: Injections, Round 2

Mochs after working on some dressage tests. 

Our vet that does Mochs' injections told me that the first round of injections would wear off fairly quickly (a couple months) and that next time they should last longer.  Obviously it still differs from horse to horse just exactly how long but there is only one way to find out. 

Mochs has been going extremely well and even started consistently improving her attention to half halts, resulting in finding the correct distances.  It CLICKED one ride that if she'd listen to half halts instead of seeing red and going full blast to fences, things would get a bit easier for her and she wouldn't waste so much energy.  I appreciate her enthusiasm, but...she does have to listen at least a little bit when she locks onto a fence.  She was getting a BEAUTIFUL jump when she gets the correct distance.  Very powerful and balanced. 

A couple weeks ago she started to feel just slightly short up front.  I wanted to be sure so I rode her on a couple different surfaces.  All were the same so I made an appointment to get her the next round of injections.

She went in an Dr. Smith and her team at NJ Equine once again took unbelievable care of her while she was there.  I just always appreciate how quiet and kind they are with her because she is such a sensitive little horse that internalizes stress.  The jogged her and she was slightly off with her bad foot. I decided to have both feet injected (Navicular Bursa) to keep things even.

Home after injections, and ready for a nap.

Mochs got her rest while she was kept in for two days and is now looking and feeling great.  She has even lost a little weight since she's been back in work and looks fit right now.  Dr. Smith commented that she looks great right now.  I upped her feed a bit recently with this work increase and she's staying in a really good spot right now, which will help with her bad foot.  She doesn't need any extra weight right now.


The Other Half recently got her two sets of Back on Track boots.  The Royal Flatwork boots, and the open front jumping boots/fetlock boots.  The Back on Track obsession continues.  I have yet to find anything, any little thing, that I don't like about every Back on Track product I own.  These boots are gorgeous. I couldn't be happier with them.  I wish they made them in Klein's size.  Now Mochs will be armored up in Back on Track while she's at work and at rest. 

Royal Work Boots (Flatwork Boots), and their performance bell boots.

I mentioned in my last post that our first show of the year was supposed to be this Saturday, but was cancelled due to weather.  I was going to put her in another one this month but I think I am going to hold off for a bit, get her a bit stronger, and then go from there.

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  1. So glad to hear that Mochs is doing well! She’s looking really good in those trot pictures :)