Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flat Work Videos - Mochi

 Giraffe-ing slightly but A+ for effort.  Does this little mare ever try.  I would take Mochs as my battle buddy any day.

The Other Half was nice enough to take some video of Mochi for me last week.  Except, the day I had this great idea was one of the most oppressive days we have had yet this summer.  We were cutting through the air the humidity was so thick that evening.  I kept the ride short for the benefit of not only Mochi but The Other Half too.  I know how it is, I run almost every single morning in this weather.  I have a half marathon coming up and my runs are only getting longer right now.  There are runs that are as long as my rides (hour +).  And yes, I know, people like to point out how much humidity sucks, I don't really think it does when winter rolls around and we aren't stuck in indoors all winter long.  I can ride year round here, there is no snow, I love it.  We have amazing fall, winter, spring, and most of summer.  July and August aren't the most fun but the rest of the year is near perfect here!

Here are a couple short videos.  These weren't her best work as of lately but it was not the most comfortable evening.  I hosed her off before I even tacked her up.  I figured we already were in the ring, might as well do some work and keep it short and sweet.

I like this clip because it shows Moch start to have a slight fit right after the down transition, but she gets over herself immediately and goes back to what she's supposed to be doing.  There used to be a lot more of that and it just has slowly worked itself out since she has been in steady work.  I think some of it is her getting stronger and finding her balance more and more.  The more she strengthens and finds her balance the more comfortable she is and finds her happy place.  When she does have minor fits like that I don't acknowledge it, I don't touch her face either.  I squeeze her and make sure she has the support on the outside rein that she needs and she goes to it and settles.


Here is some of her trot and canter again.

We have an evening dressage show coming up this weekend, so we'll see how that goes.  It isn't recognized, just a show to get her out and have some fun.

Doing, what she does, giving her best effort again.

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