Friday, July 24, 2015

An Update in Pictures

 Mochs pretending to be offended I misted her face with gnat spray.  Pony, please.  We play this game pretty much every day.  I mist, she has to act offended then I kiss her nose and tell her she is being silly, then she allows me to mist her face as much as I want.  Silly Mochaloosa.

 An update in pictures...

 Wes enjoying his fan after a bath.

 Finishing dinner after a bath.

 Mochs wondering if the neighbor's grill with the big flame coming out of it grills little horses.  I assured her it does not.

 Trails before getting caught in a storm.

 Part of the evening's sprint track.

 Beautiful evening.

 Sunset ride!

 More handsome!

 *Le Sigh* the princess.

 Our happy herd.

 Wes' front feet after his trim last weekend.

 They look so normal compared to the shod mess he came home as.




The Other Half taking Wes back out to his mares.

Wes jogging his other half after his trim, good job buddy!

The Other Half taste testing a new salt lick with Mochi.  They both approved.  Seriously, you think I kid when I say he's the best horse dad ever??  Look at this guy!

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