Friday, November 7, 2014

Epic Dressage Lesson.

Last Sunday we went for a dressage lesson and it was by far the most work I have ever had to do in a dressage lesson.  It was tiring, but so worth it.  We got some great insight to what direction we need to be heading in as well as some real homework.  I was serious when I said we are going to re-wire our dressage.  Basically I have to be more consistent with more correct aids so that Klein learns them and understands what I'm asking her and we begin progressing from the point we are at.

 Klein was ready for a nap after our lesson.

One major thing that had me working so hard during our lesson was driving with my legs, making sure that they were in constant conversation with Klein.  Our instructor also had our sitting trot looking better within five minutes through having me control it more with my abs and seat.  This instructor is really in tune with every exact muscle I need to use to get Klein to do what I ask.  I completely controlled her cadence and stride with my abs and seat for our sitting trot. 

Another thing we worked on is our leg yielding.  We worked on straightness and making sure that Klein was traveling on a diagonal line.  We spent some time coming down the center line at C or A and leg yielding at the trot to E or B.  We also got her working more through than I have ever felt her.  She was lifting her back to the point where it felt like she was about to use the bathroom.  I saw the muscle along the top of her crest flex from her poll to her wither.

Wednesday night the moon was pretty much full and we wanted to go out for a moonlight ride.  A great theory.  It was partly cloudy that evening, of course.  It was still such a gorgeous evening, 76 with a slight breeze.  I couldn't pass that up.  I took Klein out anyway for a bareback hack in the dark with a friend from the barn on her mare.  Klein was chilling out on the buckle the whole time.  She didn't care about walking around in the dark.  We went through a wooded area and into a pecan orchard.  A pasture borders that pecan orchard and some horses ran up to the fence in the dark and Klein didn't pay them any attention.  I could BARELY see anything but we are familiar with the area so barely being able to see wasn't too big of an issue.  Plus, Klein is so grey now she actually looks like a ghost horse walking around in the dark.

Back from our ride in the dark.

On the way back we heard what sounded like running water as we walked by a house, then the rain hit us.  It was just a light sprinkle and with the breeze it felt pretty good.  It only lasted a couple mins.  It was just a really nice ride.  It is unique rides like this that are so much more enjoyable when you're on a horse like Klein.  I don't have to worry about her during rides like that, she takes care of us both.

Tomorrow we are competing in a CT at Training Level.  It will take a little bit to actually implement the things we learned last weekend so I clearly don't expect any big adjustments for tomorrow's dressage test.  We are just going to enjoy some nice weather at a nice venue.  The judge is a very well respected and reputable "R" judge.  So I am going to treat tomorrow's dressage test as a baseline gauge and see how much we can improve from now until next fall.

 Pony prep this evening for tomorrow's show.

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  1. Good luck today! I'm with you on having a solid citizen for moments like that at night. If I can have a solid citizen AND athletic ability, sign me up.