Sunday, October 26, 2014

Slo-Mo Klein!

Recently, The Other Half got me an iPhone 6 and I've been wanting to try out the slo-mo feature on it.  I never did upgrade to the 5, I stuck with a 4s despite being eligible for an upgrade for almost a year.  It was worth the procrastination.  The 6 is pretty sweet!  The Other Half took a slo-mo video of us over a 3'3" oxer the other evening, check it out:

Lately we have been working on our course work.  Sometimes we unintentionally get stuck on gymnastics for a while, which is not a bad place to be, but course work  is equally important, to us, because it makes us think.  You can't be saved by the flow and calculation of a gymnastic line.  So we've been working on bending lines and rollbacks.  I always put an in and out in our course work too.

Today we did some dressage work.  I wanted to get Klein stretching.  Here's a short clip from today of Klein on a loose rein, also courtesy of The Other Half:

How bout that Mochi photo bomb?  Notice I was leaning forward a little bit, ugh, my WORST habit, but I have been making a big effort lately to fix that. 

Today I also worked on driving with my leg.  That is my other bad habit, I don't drive with my leg as much as I should.  This is the start of getting ready to tune up our dressage work...  Speaking of, look what I found today while going through pics on my laptop, this is from a Chatt Hills HT:

My Beauty Queen, with her lipstick on and everything.


  1. Love the slo mo! Klein is breathtaking as usual.

  2. That slo-mo jumping video is awesome!

  3. The slo-mo video is super cool!

  4. Slo-mo horse footage is like crack. It is just so intriguing I swear I could watch it all day long.

  5. I never ever EVER watch videos, but I must have watched your slo-mo video 6 or 7 times. I would love it if you posted more of those. Seeing not only the way Klein's body moved, but also the way yours moved, is really helpful to me as I focus hard on our biomechanics over fences right now. And you guys look AWESOME!