Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Usual.

Klein mare has been doing some awesome dressage work lately.  We've been having fun working on some training level movements (eventing training level, not USDF).  I actually feel like getting her out to some shows this fall.  My being burnt out on shows might finally be starting to wear off.  I'm also looking forward to some lessons soon.

 Klein mare concentrating.

 I had my trailer on my truck the other day and in that case, why not load the ponies just because it never hurts to practice, right?  All three loaded in less than two mins.  Wes I was pretty proud of just because the boy has been on a trailer twice in the past nine years.  Why?  Well, once he got to the barn in Salt Lake in 2005, he never went anywhere until I had Brook Ledge pick him up after his retirement last February.  He never hauled anywhere in Salt Lake because the barn was downtown.  The horses literally walked to work, there was no need to haul them. 

Wes is just such a sweetheart about pretty much everything.  He walked up to my trailer, sniffed the ramp then walked right on.  Even though there aren't plans to take him anywhere soon, you never know when there might be an emergency where hauling him has to happen.  Fingers crossed that doesn't happen, but better to be prepared.


 No, he doesn't make the trailer lean.

I took Wes for a little bareback ride last week too.  I haven't really been on him much this summer because this was his first summer here in the South Georgia heat.  I wanted him to just adjust to his new life and the new climate.  He had to learn how to be a horse again so I just let him enjoy that.  Now that we are having some cooler days I'll probably take him on little hacks just so he can get out and do something. 

Wes even tried to break out a canter on me.  It made me laugh.  He sure is feeling great.  He has had a complete life makeover from his hooves up and he shows us all the time that he could not be happier.

 Evening hack on my Klein baby.  It was SOOO nice out that evening!!

 Relaxed bareback hack might be an understatement.

Watching the farmers work on their crops.

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