Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Currently Too Legit.

 Klein with room to spare over a 3'9" square oxer.

 Trying out the Pelham.

 I am so going to have a saddle pad made for Klein with this on it.  This is all her.

So, last night we schooled a gymnastic line that eventually ended with the 3'9" square oxer in the first pic of this post.  She felt great over it and had room to spare as you can see in the picture. 

 Locked on to the 3'6" in front of her.  I love her expressions when she is working.  She's always interested in her work and enthusiastic about it.

 Workin' it.  Go Klein Baby!

In the second pic, you can see we were working in a Pelham.  I got her a low port Pelham just for a different tool in the arsenal.  Something to switch up the routine a little and have some fun with.  She did great and we had one of our best dressage rides that we've had lately.  Her Kimberwicke is a low port, she is happy with that mouthpiece, that is why I got her a low port in the Pelham.

 Working on our halts.  Such a good ponyface.
 While we are on the subject of Klein...check this pic out that was taken before our ride yesterday evening:

 She was CUDDLING with The Other Half.

He is the ONLY other human that she wants to, or lets, cuddle her.  She was completely resting her head in his arms.  I mean, you know...she's a princess and only certain humans are worthy of her attention and she has clearly added one to her list of approved humans.

 Mochs following us around.

 I did get Mochi out for a little work this past weekend and it was...disappointing honestly.  I really do believe that she would just rather be a pet.  It was like she had never been ridden before.  She just protested everything.  Keep in mind this is a horse that is up to date on everything and has had chiro adjustments/massages.  Also remember I bought her when she was nine years old.  So what happened to her before that is a mystery and may be the cause of the anxiety she carries with her.  I did give her some Mare Magic before our ride and while it seemed to make a difference last time, it sure didn't make a dent in her this time.  I officially no longer feel bad that she isn't in regular work. She couldn't be happier just being a pet and being included in just hanging out with us at the barn.  The Other Half took her for a walk like a dog the other evening while Klein and I rode with them on our walk and she just loves that stuff.  Too bad, she's such an athletic little mare with some nice moves but, I feel like I would be one of those parents forcing their kid to play a sport that the kid hates.  That's not me.

 30 seconds of concentration out of a wreck of a ride.  Excuse my shoulders.  Wtf, shoulders back!

 *Le Sigh* oh well...

 So cute, and so happy being a big dog.


  1. Wow, you and Klein are truly impressive!

    That is too bad about your Mochi. I know what you mean about the body being there but maybe not the will. I *almost* feel my endurance gelding is borderline that kid being forced to play soccer when he just wants to play dolls. My last horse was a hot forward mare so they couldn't be more opposite in attitudes, I'm hoping I'm just still adjusting to him...but I am glad I have my mare's forward enthusiastic daughter growing up in the wings!

  2. Hmm, it could be Mocha just isn't feeling the kind of work you're having her do, even if she's good at it. I remember reading about a racehorse that was bred to the hilt to be a racer, his full siblings were great racers, and he was just...Meh. Turns out his calling was as an eventer, he LOVED jumping and it showed. Perhaps for Mocha it's a bit of the opposite, she's been ridden in structured exacting disciplines, maybe she'd be happiest in something that challenges her mind, like competitive trail riding (she looks like a nimble little monkey ;) ) or even playing around at cutting. I bet she'd totally get into bossing a cow around. In any case, she's a great companion for Klein, so no matter if she ends up a pasture puff, she's certainly a pretty one.