Monday, March 10, 2014

Wes' Barefoot Transition, Second Trim

Wes was trimmed last Monday for the second time in three weeks.  The first time was when we pulled his shoes, you can refresh your memory here with the "Wes, the King" post.  Our DAEP was careful not to take off a ton of hoof on his first trim because this is a horse that has been shod all the way around for the last 10 plus years.  He still hasn't been sore one bit and has been running around with all his new friends.  Klein and Mochi were due this past Monday and Cindy thought she'd clean Wes up a little bit but by the time Monday rolled around Wes was ready for a full trim again.  His feet have just taken OFF with growth!!  The brittle parts of his toe were starting to self trim as well.  Check it out:
 You can also see the substantial length going on in this picture.

So Cindy did a full trim on him and his feet are looking GREAT!  They honestly could not be any better.  I am pleasantly surprised that he is making his transition to barefoot so effortlessly.  We still have a lot of work to do as far as getting his angles correct, fixing his heels, fixing some of his bars, and growing some wall on the inside of his ugly left hind.  But, we couldn't be any more on the right track.

 Eghhh...that ugly left rear is......ugly.  But it already looks WAY better than it did when he got here!!

 Work in progress, don't judge.  They'll be identical in a couple months.

 Front left.

 Left rear, that's the wall and bars I was talking about needing the most help.

Right rear.

 Front right.

Wes being adorable like he always is!


  1. Glad he is settling in so well. :-)

  2. Wow that IS some crazy improvement! He's doing so well in every way. :)

  3. These pictures really show the difference for the better and the first picture of you on him is FUNNY