Sunday, February 9, 2020

Colic Surgery Recovery - W/T/CANTER!!

Enjoying a beautiful afternoon.

Super B has continued to power through her recovery like the surgery never happened.  She did great with her walks under saddle and never had another explosive day like that second day back to work when I tacked her up.  Our day came to trot so we started with little stints of trot work here and there.  We worked up to trotting serpentines and various size circles, along with some spirals in and out.  Same as we have been doing at the walk with contact, a little here and there, and a lot of loose contact, stretchy trot.

Walking cavaletti. 

This girl sure does have a walk on her aka that Super Model strut.


I just could not love her any more.  It is unreal how special she is.

A month of this and it was time for another follow-up physical exam.  I was really excited for everyone to see Super B again at that appointment.  Klein and B had dentals scheduled for that day too, so they both went in.  Klein is a fan favorite at the vet too, and they are always happy to see her.

B is now up to 1,304lbs and is starting to put her topline back on.  Our vet could not be happier with where she is.  She palpated her incision and said it felt perfect and gave us the green light to start adding canter work back in.

Current pic of her incision.

"Um, excuse me, I'm done."  Waiting for Klein to get her teeth done.  B went first.

This Friday is three months.  This Friday is when all restrictions are lifted.  She can be turned out 24/7 and go as wild as she wants with Klein.  I can't wait for that!  I have kept her in her extra large stall and turn her out when I'm at the barn in addition to riding her.

Her canter felt great!  Same Super B.  I check her out every day after our rides.  I look at her incision watch her overall demeanor.  She has never indicated any discomfort AT ALL with anything we have done under saddle this past month.  Same with cantering.  I trotted her on the lunge line the next day and looked her over to make sure nothing seemed to bother her, and she looked great!


  1. she looks fantastic. I"m so grateful you guys have had a good recover. She's really putting the Super in Super B!!

  2. She is a true war horse. She fights like a warrior. I guess she landed with the right family when it comes to tenacity and grit! She looks amazing and I bet she is just as thankful to have you as her person because you never gave up on her! Thanks for sharing your stories of inspiration! 🧡🐴🧡

    1. Thank you so much, glad you enjoy reading about her :)

  3. Such an awesome update! So glad things are chugging along so smoothly. Hooray for Super B!

    1. Thank you! It has been such a relief to see her come through this so strong.

  4. This is wonderful. She really is a super mare!

  5. It's so good to hear how well she is doing. Many congratulations to you both.