Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Total Saddle Fit Synthetic Jumping Girth

I have used Total Saddle Fit girths for over four years now and over those four years they have continued to expand their product range.  I have various models of their girths for both jumping and dressage as well as both types of their dressage leathers.  If you are unfamiliar with this girth you can learn about it here.

 It has thick, durable, elastic ends on both ends.

She is standing a bit under herself in this photo.  She does have more room behind the girth while standing normally.

Recently, they came out with a synthetic version of their jumping girth.  Klein and I decided to take it for a spin.  Right now, the only option is brown, though I'm sure black is not far behind as they have black and brown in their leather version of both their dressage and jumping girths.  There are a few reasons the synthetic girth would be a great option:  it's incredibly easy to clean and maintain (who doesn't love something you can clean in under a minute with soap and water?), it's less expensive than the leather version, and for those that choose not to use leather tack they now have an option as far as a high quality jumping girth.

As always, the quality is high with this girth.  It's constructed to last and that is evident as soon as you pick it up.  For comparison, I have a synthetic jumping girth from a popular brand.

Notice how thin and flimsy the other girth is compared to the TSF.  Also, the elastic is MUCH better on the TSF girth. The other one had thin elastic that was prone to fraying.  NONE of my TSF girths that have elastic have frayed AT ALL.

Here you can see cracks in the binding of the other girth.  That will not be happening with the TSF, the construction is much more durable in the binding on the TSF.

More cracks.  These also create sharp edges that can pinch and even cut a horse.

This picture doesn't do it justice.  Hopefully it does convey the incredible difference in the quality of the material used.

The other girth is so thin it drapes over the bar.  The TSF is not and does not drape.  Even when broken in, it is obvious the TSF still won't even have the ability to be so thin and floppy.

Klein went great in it.  I actually took it for a spin for her first small jump school since she's been back to work after her mini vacay while we moved across the country.  She has always been comfortable in TSF girths and like the rest of them there was no rubbing, pinching, or gapping anywhere.

Shoulder relief in action!  Clearly, Klein feels free!

Here are some short videos from the ride:

Overall, yet another high quality product that I would highly recommend to anyone.  FYI, they also make western girths as well now, in a few different materials.  This company is also backed by reputable professionals in various disciplines.  In addition to that, while I haven't had to return anything I have received from them, I do know people that have and they absolutely stand behind their 30 day money back guarantee.  Their customer service is awesome and extremely responsive.  It's also free shipping on orders placed this month, just in case anyone was on the fence about ordering.  You have free shipping this month and their 30 day 100% money back guarantee shouldn't be on the fence anymore about ordering!


  1. I had not idea they had come out with a synthetic version, so excited about this! Sadly on their site it only goes up to 56" and I need a 58", hopefully that's coming in the future too. It's a real struggle to find a quality girth in a bigger size that isn't leather.

  2. That looks like a high quality girth. I should look into it!

  3. Oh!!!! I have been wanting their stretch tech girth — thank you for the write up.