Friday, February 8, 2019

Business as Usual

Klein checking out some neighbors.

It has been business as usual around here.  As of about a week ago I felt like the girls are 100% settled in.  They both couldn't be any happier and they are back to a regular work schedule that is continuing to increase.  Klein is looking and feeling noticeably fitter and Super B is feeling more and more supple. 

The face of a happy mare.

A cuddly Super B after one of our rides.  She likes to lower her head and stand quietly while I pet her ears.

I have taken them both out and about.  Right now since we do have a lighted ring riding at night is no problem.  But riding off through the neighborhood really isn't an option on the week nights since it still gets dark early.  Once the days get longer and the time changes, evening rides through the neighborhood and down to the state park will be no problem.  Right now though, we have been working in the ring on week days and then riding out on the weekends.  I don't want them stuck in the ring.

Klein baby ready for bed after some counter canter homework.  She has always been great with counter canter.  It doesn't matter what size circle, or what side of the ring, she has always held her counter canter together no problem. Lately it's getting even stronger since we've been working more in it.

The ring is always different work though.  Some days there is nothing in the ring and others I set up ground rails or small jumps.  Klein has started back to work jumping and she feels perfect.  That mare never misses a beat. 

Super B is cantering poles with zero drama too, like she was before the monster abscess came around and grounded her for a few months.  Speaking of, they just had their second farrier appointment recently.  Both of them already have noticeable changes with their feet.  It will take a bit longer for B's feet to harden up but they are already on their way.  She also had a small patch of dermatitis on her back fetlocks.  I had it under control in NJ by cleaning it with topical antiseptic and cortizone cream, but here, I stopped treating it and it has completely went away.  There is no trace of it at all.

Healed spot on the left in the photo.

And where it has healed from blowing out the top.  Look at the size of that thing!  It's completely ridiculous.

Back to the poles, she used to throw her head straight in the air and rush ground rails.  She completely understands them now and canters them like they're not even there.  She'll be jumping here soon.  She went to the state park the other week and had a great time with her buddy Zuli.  Those two have another adventure lined up this weekend.

Both of them are shedding like CRAZY.  I actually had to vacuum Klein tonight.

Everything is going perfectly and the Super Mares are right where I need them to be.  Klein will be ready for her first USDF show next month and I'm also thinking about getting her out to a jumper show soon.  I may take B instead though if she's ready for some small stuff.

A couple people have asked me about eventing.  I know where the events are around here, I know when they are.  I just didn't miss it that much last year.  I'm still not sure how I really feel about the sport.  So for now we're going to continue in dressage and jumper land.  I have considered taking B to Galway or Coconino but that's completely undecided right now and not really a priority due to the way I feel about the sport overall.  Klein will continue with her USDF shows this year for sure and B will for sure get out to some schooling shows and will be showing at rated dressage shows by fall.  They both will go to jumper shows.  There are plenty of both to pick from in the local area too because this place pretty much has it all.  We absolutely love it here, and still couldn't be any happier to be far, far, FAR away from the northeast.


  1. omg these desert pictures... I have been threatening in earnest now that we are leaving. it's raining right now. again. forever.

    I'm amazed I don't have more rot issues because of all the wet!

  2. I love seeing and hearing how much you're all thriving and loving life out there!