Friday, February 15, 2019

For Sale: Dressage Saddle & Equisense Motion

Pinnacle Pirouette:
Anyone looking for a dressage saddle that will hold up to a lot of use and can be used on just about any horse? I’m selling my Pirouette:

17.5” Pinnacle Pirouette Dressage Saddle. It uses the Wintec gullet system and will come with multiple gullets. It has a MW in it right now. Great entry level dressage saddle, also great if you are riding a variety of horses. It had some flock (synthetic flocked) added to it last summer by Skylands Saddlery. A couple minor cosmetic flaws (small scuffs) but otherwise structurally sound and stands up to a lot of regular use (riding multiple horses a day in it). The billets are also backed with nylon. $775 INCLUDES shipping to the lower 48. PayPal or Venmo accepted, or cash with local pick up in the Las Vegas area, I am not interested in trades and not accepting payments. No trials (unless in Las Vegas), sorry I just do not want to deal with shipping it back and forth across the country.

I have ridden Klein, Mochs, and Super B in this saddle.  That should give you an idea of just how versatile it is.

I have found this saddle to be very comfortable.  The only reason I am selling it is that Super B needs something that is more fitted specifically to her, and Klein has her Trilogy (that in no way shape or form will come close to fitting Super B). 

Equisense Motion:

Very cool system that tracks your horse's or horses' workouts and syncs the info into an app on your phone. It records things like the number of transitions, time spent in each direction, stride length and symmetry, height in each gait or jump, number of jumps, etc... It can be used on any horse, and you can save those workouts as well.

Like new condition, $165 SHIPPED in U.S. PayPal or Venmo only (cash if local pick up in Las Vegas), no trades, no payments.

If you are interested in either item please email me at


  1. Beautiful saddle! Been looking at one, what type horses have you ridden it on? I'm having a hard time fitting my friesian cross, wondering if this would work.. how old is it? Thx!

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    1. Do you still have this saddle? Could you tell me how long the panels are? Please use: to reply. Thank you

  3. Nice to see this saddles. I am looking for comfortable saddle for riding.