Friday, November 30, 2018


I have continued to have the privilege of riding a variety of horses.  I also continue to learn from every single one of them.  Even if it is one tiny thing I learn, I'm happy to learn it.  You can never stop learning with horses, ever.  Here are some of the horses from the past couple months.

SS Honah Lee aka Honey (super sweet, talented little mare) 

Bear, a sweet old guy that is just a lovely ride.

 Working with Honey more to improve her engagement and learn to lift her back.

Pats for a good girl. 

Fitness work with Wonder. 

 Captain Ed learning that people aren't so bad.

 Wonder being a coat rack.

Blurry Wonder working on dressage skills.

Leo still in the lineup. 

Letting him blow off some steam with gallops on the track. 

Adventuring with Leo.

As this chapter comes to an end in NJ, I just want to say thank you to everyone whose horses I have ridden while here.  Every single ride has been valuable in its own way.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

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