Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Mochi Update: New Feet, Who Dis?

Acting like she never had an issue.

I am beyond happy to say that Mochs is looking and feeling amazing after her injections and magic shoes aka pads in the front to raise her heels a degree.  I have been ponying her off of Klein, tack walking, her and putting her on the lunge line to start getting her back into shape. 

I took her out with a friend last Saturday and it was SO nice to have her out.  She was a bit excited, but that's par for the course the first couple times we go somewhere after a lull in her work.  She didn't revert back to square one though, which is a step forward from where she used to start.

Mochs and her hack buddy Saturday.  This was the first time she has met this guy, and she seemed to really enjoy his company.

The plan is to bring her back slowly like usual.  This means a couple work outs on the lunge line a week, one or two short rides a week that are hacks or a hack and just wandering around the arena with little or no contact for most of the ride.  I will start to incorporate ground rails and cavaletti within the coming weeks for her lunge line workouts, side reins will come back, and contact will pick up on our rides.  She looks the best she ever has since this whole Navicular roller coaster started.  I'm pretty confident we have found the right combination for her and I can't wait to get her going for real again.

 Typical Mochs.  Plenty of bucking, kicking, bolting, and snorting.  I find it hilarious, and I have a really hard time not laughing the entire time she's busting out her circus tricks.  She takes herself so seriously, yet she is the only one that makes goofy faces every, single night after dinner while she waits to be let back out of her stall.


  1. Woohoo!! So happy that you have your pony back and she's feeling good :)

  2. So glad Mochi is feeling better! She has SUCH a huge personality, haha