Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall in the Pine Barrens

The other weekend I took Klein back to the Pine Barrens because out of all the places we have lived together, we have never lived somewhere that had four seasons and we could see the leaves change colors.  It has been especially beautiful lately and I have found myself taking a lot of random pictures of all the colors lately because this is all so different than what we are used to.

We had some perfect weather that day so we went for a long, easy ride to just enjoy the colors.  Klein had also just finished her antibiotics that morning for the Anaplasmosis so I really didn't want to put any load on her system.  A long, easy ride was perfect.  Speaking of Anaplasmosis, the vet told me that "inclusion bodies" for Anaplasmosis were present in her blood and that they only appear in a 12-24 hour window.  We just happened to be in that window when her blood was pulled.  So, as he suspected due to her symptoms, the blood confirmed 100% that it was Anaplasmosis.  Whew!  Easy enough to treat and move on!  She never did act like she was bothered by it, which still just blows my mind completely.

Looking at something only horse vision can see.

We also explored a new area that we have not been in before.  There are many more miles to be explored there and I think that place will be a really good spot for some spring conditioning when the time comes.

A lot of people were out enjoying the weather on foot, dirt bikes, and kayaks.  I do have to say, this spot is full of some of the most polite people I have ever come across when it comes to horse traffic.  All the dirt bikers either slowed way down or stopped and turned their bikes off as soon as we came into view and I had to promise them Klein didn't care about any of that so they were ok to start their bikes and go on by.  Some that passed slowly said have a safe ride, all the cars/trucks slowed down and waved or rolled the window down to say Klein was beautiful and ask what kind of horse she was.  If anyone in the area reads this, thank you for being so attentive to horses and so polite about passing them.

Some of the area had more color than others, which made it interesting because it was like we were riding through completely different places.  Hope you guys are out enjoying your ponies in the nice fall weather!


  1. ugh so pretty!!

    people in the park are so polite, its nice when theyre not blasting by at 40mph or making your horse's brain fall out with their noisy dirtbikes.

  2. Wow that's gorgeous. I absolutely LOVE the look of that ride.


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