Saturday, June 25, 2016

XC Perfection

Last Friday evening Klein and I went to school xc.  It was perfect out, just a beautiful evening to ride.  Cool, breezy, sunny.  Klein and I schooled pretty much the whole training course again, except for one question that we'll get to next time.  There were some new jumps out that we hadn't seen before that looked to be Novice, so we made sure we had our fun on those for future events.

A vertical hiding in a shady corner.

I told myself I was going to count to every single thing like I'm supposed to, and do it out loud so that I KNOW I'm doing it.  You gotta do what you gotta do.  I might sound pretty funny riding around saying "3, 2, 1" in front of every fence but it helps make sure I'm consistent.

Unfortunately, I somehow got my GoPro backward where I had it off when I thought I turned it on and vice versa.  Annoying.  Here is what I did get:


There were two lines in particular I wished I would have gotten video of.  Klein was just out sailing.  The two lines were a coop to the Training table that is pictured in the banner for this blog.  We jumped the coop then headed straight to that table and jumped it at an angle and had the perfect distance to it.  It seemed like nothing more than a log on the ground to her.  The other line we galloped up hill, over a log, turned right and had a super steep down hill with a Shark's Tooth a couple strides from the bottom.  She nailed that one too.  She also owned the hell out of the Training (might actually be Prelim) ditch and up and down the Training bank.  She took a look at that Training bank once the first time we schooled it a couple months ago and has never hesitated up or down it again.  She also jumped the Training corner which wasn't out last time.


We love this Training roll top.  It just rides so nice that we can't stay away from it every time we're there! 

Klein baby into the water (click to play):

We schooled that table where my brain went stupid and we had trouble last month.  The one that was the last jump on the course that day.  The one that I came at tapping like Mr. Magoo (as Denny would say) and ruined what was otherwise a beautiful xc run.  I found out what my problem was.  I needed to sit down sooner to be able to see that distance.  I sat sooner and the difference was instant.  I saw the distance immediately and got us right where we needed to be.

Didn't get video of us schooling it that evening, but here it is at the HT for the sake of reminding you guys which jump I'm talking about.

We had a blast that evening.  That is my idea of a perfect Friday night, out galloping and flying on my Heart Horse in beautiful weather.  Big thanks as always to The Other Half.  He was my ground person so that I was able to school that evening.  He is a big part of why we are able to do all the things we do.  He also had the idea to put his phone on some of the jumps and record us coming at and over them!  Here's one (click to play):

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