Wednesday, December 9, 2015

First Rides at Our New Home!

For our first ride home we did Lainey Ashker's dressage exercise of the day from last week.  It involved leg yields with cavaletti.  It worked great and we will definitely add that in to our regular dressage program.  I love all of Lainey's stuff.  Speaking of Lainey...the first day we were home I hadn't even been in New Jersey for twelve hours yet and I found out that Lainey will be doing a clinic at a barn 15 mins from our house.  15 MINS AWAY.  Of course I signed up!!  That is no unusual occurrence here either.  You cannot go five minutes without passing a barn or hay farm here, it's awesome.  I pass a tack shop every day to and from work.

 Ring crew!  I love that guy.

 Crossing the bridge to our ring.

Yeah, I know, I didn't switch her back to her Boucher for dressage, sometimes we dressage in the Kimberwicke.

 Cool down walk on our trail.

Check out the sunsets here...

 Klein and I also went adventuring.  Pretty sure we found our new conditioning territory.

 You better believe we tested out all the galloping room over there too.

They missed their Klein mare.

I am excited to have found some great area to condition/hack on.  This place has turned out to be perfect.


  1. That place looks awesome. Haha. You go the coolest places.

  2. Looks like you've found the best place possible!!