Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Magic Micklem?

 Klein workin' it.

Mochi is happy with her Micklem Competition Bridle, so I tried one on Klein too just out of curiosity.  Um...yes please and thank you.  I absolutely did not expect the reaction Klein had.  Mochi is still pretty green and working on strength and balance, so the difference was there, but not as clear with regular dressage bridle vs. Micklem. My dressage instructor is the one that got me sold on getting one for Mochi after her big Dutch went so well in one.  She bought one for both of her horses and loves them.  I took Moch for a dressage lesson last weekend and I borrowed the Micklem that she uses for her Dutch to see if it would even fit Klein.  If you didn't notice in my last post...it actually fits nicely. 

She makes this Micklem look good, and obviously she knows this.

Notice in the above pic she has a snaffle in.  It's a KK Dynamic Sensogan double jointed loose ring.  This is something Klein would normally flip me the bird in, especially since she has been on a break.  Normally she goes in a french link boucher for dressage.  I honestly forgot she even had that KK in until half way through our ride.  She was GREAT in it.  Normally, after some time off she would be a bit dull to the aids.  It takes her a couple rides to sharpen and realize "Oh, we're back to riding for real now, where I have to be on the aids...and stuff."  There was none of that.

She was easy to engage and was seeking contact more than usual.  The biggest surprise?  We had that ever elusive stretchy trot circle on the Training Level (1st level in real dressage?) dressage test.  That stupid thing has just been right within our grasp but something about that Micklem convinced Klein she can. 

*le sigh*

That bridle must really be that much more comfy for her big head (well of course, that's part of what the goal of that whole design is).  It was even adjusted to the last holes on any of the straps either.  Good job Micklem with the LH size.  Klein has more of a warmblood head anyway though.  My chances are usually pretty good of getting her in WB tack.  She has a very refined head for a draft and overall she is more refined that most other full drafts you would see.  People actually mistake her for a WB sometimes, despite seeing her docked tail.

Anyway, there was such a difference, you know what happened next right?  I ordered her a Micklem, it will be here by Friday.  What can you do when you feel such a difference in your horse and they convey so strongly that they approve of something?  I have to buy it if it makes her happy.  She owns me like that.


  1. Very cool! I am interested in trying a Micklem, but none of my local friends seem to have one! I'll have to keep an eye out on Ebay or something.

  2. Interesting! Micklems are cool looking but I've heard bad things about the quality.

  3. Glad it works for you guys. Those results are great!