Saturday, March 10, 2018

More Ponies = More Learning

Recently I have had the opportunity to take on some horses from a barn in the area that is owned by a lady I have always had a lot of respect for.  She runs an awesome program at her barn and takes immaculate care of every horse on the property.  No expense is spared and if someone needs something whether it be the vet/chiro/dentist, etc...  The appointment is made instantly.  The group of people that board and lesson at the barn are all wonderful too, which is rare, because normally there is always some kind of barn drama going on.  Not at this place! 

I was happy to be offered the opportunity to ride some of the sale horses and some of the horses on the property that need tune ups for the lesson program, or just for their owner in general.  I love riding other horses because I learn something from every single one of them and they only improve you while you improve them. 

As the horses are in training I will be taking them to shows, xc schools, and other places to get them out.  There will be posts here about each of them and what they are up to as well.  I'm also going to add a "For Sale" page to the blog so you can always check there to see what is available. 

Currently there are two OTTBs for sale that have completely redefined my expectations of OTTBs.  It's no secret I'm not a fan of them.  I will ride them (obviously) and actually it is from riding them in the past that caused my general dislike of them.  The two I'm riding right now have set the bar way higher than it ever has been. 

Leo is a 15.3 9 year old gelding that last raced in October.  He is an in your pocket puppy dog with springs in his feet.  This guy is sound, sane, with no vices.  I have yet to find anything that seems to bother him much at all.  He is going to make someone an AMAZING event horse.  He has the athleticism and the brain for it.  He is super willing and loves having a person. 

Ms. B is a 16.3 8 year old mare that last raced in November I believe, I'd have to double check that.  She is a straight up stunner.  Her parents are Irish and I think that is why she is built so solid.  I will tell you she is one that would make me consider breaking my own rule about owning an OTTB.  I just love her.  She also has the ability to do whatever you want her to.  Same brain as Leo.  I really haven't found anything that bothers her too much.

Luna is a big Appendix mare (height and age I'd have to verify).  She is as comfortable to ride as a couch and is currently learning to be independent and that she has more gears than she thinks.  She is a bit opinionated but with consistency and a rider that isn't timid she could pretty much do whatever you wanted her to as well.

I will make individual posts about these horses with more info, pics, and video.  If anyone is interested you can email me at, or message The Jumping Percheron FB page for more info.

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