Sunday, October 8, 2017

Guess Who Came Home!

Some of you already this from the FB page, or the IG account, but about a month ago The Other Half came home from his work trip!  I picked him up late at night and one of the first things he did the next morning was go out and hug each pony.

They missed their dad.  They love him very much.  They listen to him and Mochs comes in when he calls her.  Klein's list of humans she likes is quite short.  She tolerates about 98% of humans, but actually likes a few.

My family is complete again now that he is home. 

Of course The Manny is BEYOND happy his dad is home.

The Other Half had a short list of chores when he got home.  He did them by the second day he was home.  One of the first things I needed help with was Wes' stall door.  About a week before he came home it came off of its track and I couldn't get it back on.  I could NOT get that door to budge and I decided that I would just wait for him to come home.  Wes has a stall guard too, so it wasn't a big deal if it wasn't fixed for a week.  The first morning home I pointed the door out and he walked over to it and had it fixed in about...45 seconds.  Seriously.  Things I had given up on, he fixed in less than five minutes.  This is why I also call him my ultimate life hack.

He fixed our riding lawn mower I was having a war with while he was gone.  He trimmed all the long branches on our trails and mowed them.  He also walked around with me in our "ring" and told me to point out any branch I thought was getting too low, and he cut every single one of them.

He also decided we need a drag and went and got one from TSC.  This thing is magical.  Now my "ring" will be dragged as well as the pastures!  I don't know where he comes up with these ideas, because that was all him.

I'm happy to have my family complete again and have my Heart Human back.  Everything is more fun when he is home. 


  1. so glad hes back :) the pics of him hugging all the ponies is adorable. the drag is a fab idea!!

  2. I always feel like the perfect partner is one who shares with you and completes you with qualities/skills you do not have. I love that he just came home and was this positive helping presence right of the bat. He sounds lovely.