Saturday, March 25, 2017

Horse Hubby Feature

If you don't read or follow Horse Hubby, you should. Timothy Harfield is the mastermind behind it and is the Horse Hubby of international 4* eventer Elisa Wallace (Go Johnny Go!).  A lot of you guys actually headed over to Horse Hubby to cast your vote for The Other Half to make it into the Horse Hubby calendar, and he did.  Timothy also has a podcast called "Horses in the Morning." 

Horse Hubby provides a funny and relevant look into the lives of Horse Hubbies everywhere, and if yours doesn't read or follow, they definitely should! 

I recently wrote a guest post for Horse Hubby, it was posted today.  You can find it here:

In addition to Horse Hubby, you really should follow Wallace Eventing on Facebook as well. Elisa posts vlogs regularly that detail her training and shows around the world.  Her helmet cams are by far some of my favorites.  I love the way she talks to her horses on cross country course, their bond is so evident.  She also is a huge supporter of Mustangs.  She trains them and owns several and won the Extreme Mustang Makeover in 2012.  You may have seen one of her demonstrations at a horse trials near you, or Rolex.  She is an all around shining example of a real horsewoman.

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  1. I LOVE Elisa Wallace and watch all her YouTube videos. I had no idea that Horse Hubby was created by her spouse. Very cool!