Thursday, October 27, 2016

Schooling at Home

Klein has been schooling extremely well over 3'6" at home.  I realized we don't school it enough if we want to be a little more accurate at that height, so I changed that recently.  I don't school her at that height every week, but we have definitely included it more.  It has shown up in some course work and it's shown up in some of our gymnastic work.

 *sigh* those knees.

The standards are 4', the oxer in this pic is 3'6".  I'm thinking one day soon we'll put the rails on the highest hole just once for funsies.

 A trot in grid with a 3'6" vertical on the end.

Apologies for the blurry pictures, as usual.  However, my iPhone 7 Plus has been ordered and should be here by the second week of November and the camera on this new version is supposed to be significantly improved in low light.  Also, now that it is fall and the leaves are letting go, it's lighter in our arena and that should help too.  I'm tired of these blurry, crap quality photos.  Anyone have a 7 Plus yet and care to comment about what they think of it so far?

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The Other Half also noticed a road barricade barrel had appeared along our property line one day.  It stayed for a couple weeks, no one came to claim it so he grabbed it for me!



  1. You guys look amazing!

    Also cool to hear about the iPhone 7 :) Now maybe I'll be able to take better indoor arena pictures this winter

  2. We have many drafts and half drafts in my barn. With the exception of the stallion and a couple geldings being huge babies over needles, they are a pretty stoic bunch when it comes to their discomfort, especially the mares. They will run themselves into the ground if you ask them too, without complaint Their hearts will bring tears to your eyes.

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