Friday, July 25, 2014

We're Back.

 *Le Sigh*  This horse...what would I do without her??

After being out of town for close to a month, we are back to work.  I had a great time with the other half on our trips to Ohio and Maine but I am happy to be home and back on a horse. 

Dinner with my Heart on Moosehead Lake.

Standing in Moosehead Lake.

Before we headed out I did get a couple more rides in on Mochi with the Pelham. She continued to improve so we are just going to see where this goes.

 Ha, we took them for a walk.  There's a Mochi pony in there somewhere!  Excuse Klein's filth.  We have to practice for some nice pictures once it cools off a little around here.

 Everyone got bathed and had their pedicure yesterday.

 Clearly bored.

 Mochi is always the model citizen for her feet, here she is falling asleep.

 Wes just hanging out getting his feet done.  My next post will be pics of how much improvement his feet are making.  They are AMAZING!

 He has been home almost six months already.  Some days it still doesn't seem real that he is home.

 These showed up in the mail while we were gone.  They are a BEAST!!!!  They are PERFECT for full drafts!  My Oster A5 turbo clippers were no match for Wes' coat.  These things go through it like it's not even there.  I am SO happy with them!  I would highly recommend them.  They are expensive at almost $300 but they are worth it and you will definitely get your money's worth from them.

 The Other Half clipped Wes yesterday and he clipped a heart into him for me :)  He also brought me food to the barn yesterday because he knows I completely forget about food when I am with horses, which is a TERRIBLE habit.  He is that awesome.

 My handsome grazing in the sunrise this morning.  This picture makes me so happy.  He SO deserves this retirement life.

I got Klein baby out for some flat work today.  I wouldn't expect anything different.  No matter how long I am gone we always pick up where we left off like I never left.  Even after a four month deployment when she was four years old and I had started her only three months before I deployed.  I don't quite understand people that post things like "Oh Buttercup was just PERFECT today after eight days off!"  If your horse forgets that it's a domesticated riding horse over the course of a week/month off than you might need to re-evaluate some things.  Or maybe it's just that big of a shithead normally that you would expect it to throw a fit about having to work after a break?  I don't know, but I have never owned a horse like that.

 Her majesty working today, cantering ground rails on a 20m circle. 


 Had a short gallop just to get her stretched out.  Klein and I have over seven years together now and she still puts me on Cloud 9.


  1. Nice to see you back and posting again :)

  2. It makes my heart happy to see you so happy, on all fronts! :)

  3. Klein looks so springy and light on her feet!

  4. Nice to see a post from you again! I am definitely getting a pair of Listers this fall for my drafty pony, but can't decide between the Star or Legend. Can you talk about why you went with the Legend? Everyone else I've ever known has gone for the Stars, probably on price and because they weren't shaving drafts, but still!

  5. Thanks Cathryn, Audra (same with you), GreyDrakkon, and Jen.

    Jen, The Other Half and I compared the two and read a lot of reviews on both of them. The Legend is much more powerful than the Star. The Legend has a 150 watt motor and the Star has a 45 watt motor. I think the Star is Lister's version of the Oster A5 turbo clippers that I already have and that were not getting the job done on Wes.

    The price difference between the two is only $40. When you are already spending that much on them what's another $40? Especially when you get over TWO TIMES the amount of motor power in the Legend. 105 watts more for $40. The Legend also has air filters you can change and clean.

    The reviews were saying that the Star is fine if you have one horse and you don't clip a lot. If you have more than one horse or if you are clipping as a groom or side job then the Legend is what you'd need. Wes is basically like two horses and Klein is like one and a half. A clipper shop wrote one review saying that they saw a lot of customers bring in the Star because they burnt the motor out on them asking them to do too much.

    I think we would have been disappointed with the Star. I have also used the Oster Clipmasters and they are much bigger and heavier than the Legend. I'm really happy with the Legend. It took less than 30 mins for The Other Half to do a full clip (minus the legs) on Wes. With the A5's that would have easily been two hours, maybe more. He needed it because after the first clip earlier this year when the temps were still a little cooler at night he grew in a coat that was just a little too thick for summer and has been shedding like a beast. Problem solved. He's super comfortable now.

    1. Love this write up. I've used the legends (and adore them) but never the stars. Thanks!

    2. Wow, thank you so much for this. I think the Legends are going to be the way to go for me too. My only concern is that several reviews I've read online say they get hot quickly and that you're not supposed to use cooling sprays or anything on the blades. But I guess if they go so fast it doesn't matter, right? What was your experience with heat?

  6. Wes is looking absolutely fanastic!

  7. Jen, no problem. They get just as hot as any other clipper I've used. I am going with the same idea of what you said. Yeah, they get hot but they get the job done a lot quicker. We take short breaks and set them in front of a fan and they cool off quicker than other clippers I've had. You are right, the instructions specifically say do NOT spray them with cooling sprays. They come with their own oil and that's all you use on them. There are specific spots to use it on that are shown in the instructions that come with them.