Friday, May 9, 2014

Flat Work

 Warming up for a little jump school.

Klein and I have been working on flat work a little more lately.  I want to get some consistency in and tighten up our flat work.  We've been out hacking a lot lately but it's time to get back to some focus in our work.  I see some time on the lunge line in her future too.

 Ummm, my lower leg.  Gross.  What was it thinking?

The expressions on this girl's face crack me up.  I can always tell exactly what she is thinking.  *Le Sigh*  Oh Klein mare.

Speaking of being on the lunge line...  I decided to see if Wes had a clue about being on a lunge line.  No, I'm not going to really lunge him.  There's a really high chance that the other day was the first time in Wes' life that he has ever been on a lunge line.  He wasn't really sure why it was necessary for him to walk in a circle around me, but he's a good sport and he humored me.  

First time in his life on the lunge line?  Probably.

Look what I caught tonight!!!!!!!  Wes grazing in the pasture like a normal horse!!!!

GO WES!!!!

He did kind of wander to a couple different places and put his head down like he wasn't quite sure but then he went for it.

 Obviously the stalls are big at the barn we board at.  This is Wes, his BFF Rudy, and one stall.  They come in on their own and do this daily, even though there are plenty of stalls open that each horse could have their own.  Nope.  Not these three.

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  1. It's kinda like my chickens. I built them a coop with three perfectly fine nest boxes. Each one of them insists that the ONE box at the end is the ONLY one suitable for laying. This results in at least two hens crammed into a one-hen box at a time, with a third outside screaming that she needs to get in and lay an egg NOW. No telling what's going through the minds of animals, but I would dearly love to find out.