Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Radio Silence

       Ok, radio silence is over.  That was the longest break I've ever taken from this blog but there were some things I needed to get done and with The Other Half still out of the country for work, I'm still taking care of our little farm by myself.  I had to reorganize some priorities to get done what I needed to get done.  However, if you follow me on Instagram (jumpingpercheron) and The Jumping Percheron Facebook page, you would see at no time was riding not a priority.  I continued to post on those because they take seconds to post vs writing out entire posts.
       One of these things I had to focus on and be done with already was, my B.S.  Guess what?  I did it, and my degree was conferred TODAY.  I already have two Associate's degrees and have been working on my B.S. in Forensics for a while now.  It has taken me a couple deployments, multiple moves across the country, various TDYs ranging from weeks to months long, mandatory courses required for my job, and every other thing that life brings but, I did it.  I was just tired of being so close and when we got up here I made a goal that before we leave NJ (which will be a year from this December) I will finish it.  Not only did I finish it, but I'll be in my Master's program for forensic investigation way before we leave here.  My Master's I can take as long as I want on, it won't have the pressure that the B.S. had, for various reasons.
       A recap on what has been going on the past 2.5 months:  Klein made significant dressage improvements after a couple enlightening lessons, Klein did a couple more Prelim CTs and did great, after getting Mochs sound barefoot I decided to shoe her in the front anyway for a couple reasons, I got Mochs going the best she ever has by committing to putting more time into her and getting her out more, Mochs went to a dressage show and got 60%+ on both her tests that day, two weeks after that I took her to a CT and she won her division, we had a few shows for August but Klein kicked the living hell out of Mochs and she is currently finishing up the last two weeks of a six week period of rest, Wes continues to look amazing and be his usual happy gelding self.  Oh yeah, and after much demand, Manny got his own Instagram (the_manny_lion).


  1. Congrats on graduating!! That's a huge amount of work without all the other things piled on top of it. Hope Mochs continues to recover well. :-)

  2. Congratulations! You are living my other life -- the one I would have had if my grandfather didn't stop me. I wanted to study forensics, but my grandfather was District Attorney of Los Angeles, and he forbade me from taking that path. I guess he saw a lot of ugly stuff being in the court system and he wanted me to remain innocent. My best grades were in science.

    1. Thanks Nuzz Muzz! I can imagine the craziness that your grandfather experienced in that job. I already am getting plenty of it in my current careerfield. One thing I deal with now is talking to these victims that are still alive. I love my job and I can compartmentalize extremely well. I've reviewed things like infant autopsy pics, bloody stabbing crime scenes, and extremely messy suicide pics for cases while eating my lunch and not thinking twice. But, when you interview people for court in trial prep and they look you straight in the face and say "every day my first thought is how much I really want to kill myself" because of what has happened to them, it wears on you eventually. Or when they call you from a mental institution in a panic attack. It does make you extra paranoid and have little more than a shred of faith in humanity because there are so many violent, deranged offenders hiding behind a facade of a "normal" family life, but the good outweighs the bad most of the time. I think you definitely have to be a certain type of person to handle it, I've seen people tap out of my current career field because of it. Some people can't overcome it, others get numb to it.

  3. Congratulations! So glad you finished, what a huge accomplishment!

  4. Congratulations on the degree!!

  5. Thank you appy and Tracy! When I joined, college was the last thing on my mind honestly. I hated school and I hated the idea of the typical college mentality. Which is why I knew for sure I didn't want to go to college after high school. Eventually I came around and realized online classes would be something I could do and ultimately this degree is a step in preparation for my career after the military (which won't be for a while, but plan early because you never know what could happen). It worked out because I actually did enjoy this degree and am excited about my Master's program. Best part of all of this? It's all free, well not "free" because the government owns me in exchange, but you know what I mean :)

  6. Congrats on the degree - that is an amazing accomplishment while working full time and you know, living your life! Good luck on the Master's too...