Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Jumping Girth


My Valentine's Day gift showed up today.  The Other Half got me a Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Jumping Girth!!  I love my TSF Shoulder Relief Dressage Girth so much I knew after the first ride with it that I wanted the jumping version.  It's amazing.  Just as wonderful as the dressage girth.  It is super high quality and the side that goes against the horse is SO buttery soft!!!

Hopefully you can get a little bit of an idea from this picture just how soft this girth is.

It fits great and I definitely could tell a difference once again.  Klein seemed a little more free up front.  It's hard to describe, I know the difference because I know her so well and I know what every inch of her movement feels like.  This girth, like the TSF dressage girth is worth every dollar!

Some reviews have mentioned that the girth felt bulky under their leg (this might have been only for the dressage girth) but I could not tell any difference between my old girth and the TSF girth.  Same with the dressage girth, absolutely zero difference as far as bulk under my leg.  Maybe that was their first version, because it's definitely not the current version.

I would definitely recommend both Total Saddle Fit girths to everyone!

A little video from the test ride with it at 3'3" this evening:

 Klein tested, Klein approved.


  1. You're not helping me save money here. ;-)

  2. But it's money SOOO well spent, so that makes it ok, right??

  3. I'm reading The Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book right now--it has so much great info about all aspects of saddle fit, girth fit, pads, shims, etc. Definitely recommend if you've got all that stuff on the brain right now!

  4. Best husband ever! Mine gave me a Victoria's Secret gift card, which is nice and all, but I would have taken a horse thing too. :) So glad you like it. I wouldn't ride without it on a horse conformed like Connor after using it.

  5. Carla, thanks for the book suggestion! I am going to go find it!

    Jen, but at least yours just paid for a new clutch so you could get your CWD! I'd say that's a good start!

  6. I want one of those so bad!!! What brand is your breastplate in the first picture?

  7. I'd like to know about the breastplate, too.

  8. I will have to take a close look at it for the brand. I know I ordered it from a tack shop in England but I can't remember their name.